Ambani Group believes and its culture that the workplace is the temple, all stakeholders and employees had believed worked as per rituals only. Employees have respect for each other and work as a family irrespective of the positions.  The workplace sanctity had maintained in all respect, All, there is no differentiation in providing food/ water and other treatments to the employees. As far as possible all migrated workers had provided the basic accommodation facilities, also be ensured that their children shall go to schooling. All employees/ suppliers have to get timely payment. Employees have been selected based on Avg skills but honesty/transparency/ ethos/ Responsibility /accountability have been the main criteria for selections. Close relatives were selected and promoted within the company as partners this is true for employees and other stakeholders also, the group has the belief that everyone shall work in a partnership.


Ambani Home Solutions, a hotspot for artistic and stone items, is a provider to the absolute biggest merchants all through United States and Canada. Situated in Toronto, Canada, Anatolia gives its banding together wholesalers admittance to tremendous stock just as prevalent help past industry principles in addition to finish calculated administrations. This empowers our clients to dispatch an assortment of items from all throughout the planet, with conveyance anyplace in North America inside a couple of days. Master staff offer customized assistance and have practical experience in new item advancement, volume coordinations and oversee client arranges at all times.

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Wall Tiles

Ambani brings to you premium wall tiles that are itemized with flawlessness. Each tile is made utilizing cutting edge innovation making them solid, tough and simple to keep up.

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Floor Tiles

Ambani scope of extravagant floor tiles incorporates mechanical aptitude with stunning plans. Each tile is created utilizing super current innovation to guarantee superior grade.

Explorer various tiles surfaces

The amazing surface with wide variety of tiles such as glossy, satin matt, rustic, hi-gloss, sugar, carving & granule are all glazed tiles variety and more you can explorer with unglazed vitrified tiles like double charged, soluable salt (nano) and full body.

Sanitarywares, Bath & C.P. Fittings

Premium quality standard of manufacturing encounterd in wide range of sanitarywares, bath and C.P. Fittings.

Construction Chemicals

Ready mix solutions of tiles adhesive epoxy, grouts and other chemicals use in construction.


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